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Sensory4You, is a leading supplier of sensory products to support and enhance the educational needs of all children across the GCC region and beyond. Our aim is to provide the necessary tools of engagement for parents, schools, therapy clinics, nurseries and the hospitality industry using leading brands at affordable prices. Our website is designed to make your online experience seamless, convenient and complete.

Whether your child has a focused sensory need or not, we as children and adults learn and grow through our senses and at Sensory4You, we want to deliver suitable products aimed at each age group.

We have an extensive range of products from customised solutions to award credited must have products. Our aim is to continue to source the most reliable and innovative products in the marketplace and to deliver goods to you faster and with ease.

We will always have new products ranges on the horizon, make sure to subscribe and follow us on our social media channels to see new product launches and avail of special discounts!

Our guarantee is that the products we deliver are of a high standard, but affordable to everyone. To enable this, we ask that if you are happy with your experience, you spread the word!

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Our Mission

A child’s education should not come at a high price. Every child is entitled to the best education and educational resources to ensure they become self-assured, happy and productive human beings. At Sensory4You, we aim to grow our business together with you, supporting our children.

Our Future

Sensory4You currently has available many smaller sensory items for home, school and therapy use, including but not limited to fidgets, sensory exploration toys, massage balls, lycra swings, scooter boards, chews as well as many occupational therapy products. We are now also in a position to supply larger items to create sensory rooms in the home, in schools/nurseries and specialised therapy centres. Sensory4You aims to be at the forefront of meeting the needs of the SEN community in the region and is focused on providing employment opportunities whilst becoming a well-known and distinguished distributor of sensory products for all levels and abilities.

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